You Are The Cure — April 2, 2017

You Are The Cure

Recently, in a article published by the University of Michigan Medicine they have mentioned the advances made with heart disease. This includes: Repairing hearts without surgery, cancer treatment and heart disease, postpartum cardiomyopathy, and more. These topics listed are just a few of the topics listed in the article. They provide wonderful insight and definition of what they are trying to do to help with the prevention, and monitoring of heart disease. Becoming knowledgable is the first step in the right direction. By knowing what cardiovascular disease actually is, you can determine the best way to help decrease your chances of heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, yet the most preventable. You can become knowledgeable, exercise daily, and eat nutrimental foods. However, putting all of these into action is the real struggle. There are people that realize this, but even knowing the high risk, people still refuse to change their unhealthy habits. Heart disease starts with you. Evaluate yourself, and determine what is best for you.

Heart Failure: Knowing The Symptoms — March 30, 2017

Heart Failure: Knowing The Symptoms

Are you familiar with the warning signs and symptoms of heart failure? It not, then this video is worth the watch. There are many benefits by knowing what the symptoms and warning signs are for heart failure. By knowing you allow yourself to possible prevent a heart attack from happening, or you know that if you are experiencing these symptoms then you can make sure you get to hospital as soon as possible. These symptoms are swelling, shortness of breath, and lightheadedness. These are just some of the symptoms associated with heart failure, yet these three are symptoms that you can look for yourself. By knowing these symptoms then you do not only help yourself, yet you can help other people as well.

Cardiio — March 28, 2017


Have you ever been curious about what your heart rate is? If so, Cardiio is an app that allows you to do so. Cardiio provides easy step by step instructions on how to use the app. Instead of having to go to the doctor to check your heart rate, all you will need is your smart phone to do so. Having Cardiio to your access can provided a lot of advantages. You can check for abnormalities, manage your target heart rate during rest or exercise, and as a bonus the app provides a heart healthy 7 minute workout. Having this app allows you to become knowledgeable, and can help decrease your risk for heart disease. If you are someone who has heart disease then this app should be a must. You are able to monitor your heart rate on your own, which is crucial to know when diagnose with heart disease. The best part about this app is that it is free.

Number One Killer For Women —

Number One Killer For Women

In the U.S. the number one killer for woman was probably not your first guess. People probably consider a form of cancer to be the leading cause of death for women in the U.S. However, according to ABC News heart disease is the number one killing disease for women in America. There is a lack of awareness of this disease not only in women, but for our country as well. People do not realize that in cases like breast cancer there is a total of 60,000 women who die while there are over 500,000 cases where women die from cardiovascular disease. Heart disease is underlined as the silent killer in America for woman. The major issue is not the lack of resources rather heart disease is more of a lack of knowledge. Heart disease is probably one of the most preventable diseases, yet is still the number one killer in the world. To find out more information click here.
Reduce Your Chances — March 27, 2017

Reduce Your Chances

Are you one who struggles with recovery after a heart defect? If so, then this infographic is worth the read. The recovery process can be described as the most challenging issue after a surgery especially when dealing with a heart defect. Cardiac Rehabilitation is a great way to help with your recovery. The infographic provides five components in which can help decrease your chances of heart disease. These five components are: Regular Exercise, Adopt A Heart Healthy Diet, Reduce Stress, Medical Therapy, and Stop Smoking. The benefits of these five components can provide subsequent change in not only your heart health, but your overall health as well. By taking part in the five components you can reduce your chances of a second heart attack, reduce overall risk for a heart defect, lessen chest pain, control other risk factors, and can help aid in weight management. Cardiac Rehabilitation can be beneficially for not only heart health, but your overall health.

Good As New —
The Future Is Now — March 26, 2017

The Future Is Now

This video can be considered eye opening in many ways. The video depicts a man who has a rather unhealthy lifestyle, which includes a poor diet and a lack of physical activity. A poor diet and physical inactivity can be viewed as the leading causes of heart disease. What people do not realize is that these two factors are preventable. You can control what you put into your body as well as the amount of physical activity you take part in. This video shows that if you continue to live unhealthy then it will eventually catch up to you. Also, people do not realize how important the food you feed your child is. At an early age kids are developing unhealthy choices due to the fact that parents have created the problem. Your kids are likely to develop the same lifestyle as their parents. You control not only your future, but your kids future as well.

Jump On Up —

Jump On Up

Have you ever been the person that wanted to incorporate a fun activity into your exercise routine? If so, then the House Of Boom is the way to go! The House Of Boom is an indoor trampoline area with awesome features which includes: Dodgeball, Air Dunk, Slack Line, Obstacle Courses, and so much more! This is a fun way to incorporate physical activity into your exercise routine! You are encourage to get as much as thirty minutes of physical activity per day. The House Of Boom is a great way to achieve this thirty minutes of physical activity, and by doing so you can help decrease your chances of heart disease tremendously. To learn more about the House Of Boom then click on the hyperlink!

You Are In Control —
Glasses Up! —

Glasses Up!

For those that are avid or non drinkers, recent studies have suggested that beer and wine might not be bad after all. In a recent study published by the HealthDay News they provided evidence that a glass of beer or wine a day can help lower your chances of heart disease. However, this does not mean that drinking an excess amount of either will be good for your heart. By drinking an excess amount of beer or wine you are more likely to experience a greater risk for heart disease. What researchers found that moderate drinkers had a 32 percent lower risk of heart attack, 56 percent lower risk of sudden heart death, 24 percent lower risk of heart failure, and 12 percent decreased risk of ischemic stroke. However, as mentioned before an excess amount can increase your chances of heart disease. This may not be the safest way to lower chances of heart disease, but if you are someone who wants to limit the amount that they drink then try to limit to one beer per day.